0 thoughts on “Wings Of Destiny Cheats and Hack v.1.16

  1. Derek

    I can’t believe it got past Yahoo’s own spam filter. It asks you to “confirm” all of your email info (like the bank phish frauds that ask you to “confirm” your bank account or credit card info), or else Yahoo will erase your account! As if Yahoo couldn’t tell on it’s own that your account was active or be able to access your account ID and password. Get a job, crooks!

  2. nasty1

    Going in details, as I searched through Yahoo! Help, I come to know if I have my account ID and I also provide correct and valid alternate email address and security questions, then Yahoo! can send me a link to reset my account’s password. I want know if there is a way to instead of resetting a new password, I can get back my old password?

  3. United

    Ok well I’ve been doing a little looking around on this subject, and so far insecsesful. So I’ve been doing what people have said by going to the download page on iTunes and all it says is my current balance and my account id. There’s no “redeem” option please help

  4. nasty1

    How to get back my emails? I have an account ID and when I opened it today I found nothing in my inbox.

  5. Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I have a unusual activity in my gmail so just wanna find out if i can trace his facebook id or something. Don’t tell me about finding his location through IP TRACER websites coz i have already did that.I just wanna know his email address or fb account id that he uses on his ip.


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