Warcraft 3 Maphack

Warcraft 3 Maphack

Our hacks are the best in the world, coded personally by r4ge. This hack works with the new Warcraft 3 patch. This hack has all the features you could ever want, including Fog Removals and more. You can configure every aspect of the hack to work for all out raging on a server. You can also configure it to look like your playing legit so nobody has any idea your cheating, except you!

MapHack Steps: 1)First download the file. 2)Exctract files(instructions top 10 poker sites included) 3)Start the maphack before loading wc3. 4) Push f5 to activate in-game menu. That’s it, have fun hacking.

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One thought on “Warcraft 3 Maphack

  1. balinderk2000

    If anyone here plays Warcraft 3 frozen throne on battle net, do you know how people spoof, maphack, u know hacks and cheats that make u really powerful. i want to get back on some guys that cheated against me.


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