20 thoughts on “Top Eleven Football Manager Cheats and Hack v.4.11

  1. RichT

    what does it mean when it says account ID. does that mean it is your social security number or your health insurance number?

  2. callofduty5123412

    anyone know like an account on yahoo pool or something, I want to remove my account id completely.

  3. The Inc

    The only account/ login ID on my computer apparently isn’t an administrator, how do I set it up so it is?

    And follow up, even though I am the only user of this computer, is it beneficial if I have two accounts/IDs on it, one normal and one administrator?

  4. Dark_LovexXx

    I want to get my portal account id and number to check my status at UC SANTA CRUZ, I do not know how, I have tried several ways, nothing is working, im really confused and frustrated, please help.

  5. brincks26

    Why is yahoo saying My account Id is not taken when it is?
    Every time I type in my email , it says “ID not taken” this actually is happening with two accounts I have ( and they are taken since I signed up for them). What is the problem can anyone help? This is very important,Thanks

  6. Xbox Gamer

    I changed my password to something new after someone else changed it where i could not access my account without answering account ID questions. How do I report this fraud. Basically someone took over my account.

  7. Denali

    Ok well I’ve been doing a little looking around on this subject, and so far insecsesful. So I’ve been doing what people have said by going to the download page on iTunes and all it says is my current balance and my account id. There’s no “redeem” option please help

  8. everydayGuitarist

    I really hate my psn account id and i wanna change it, but if i create another account i’ll lose all my acheivements. is there any way i could transfer the files on my old account to my new one?? please help.

  9. PoohBearPenguin

    I can not remember my previous email account ID or password. How can I get in it to get my mail?

  10. Rassling Fundamentals

    I need a loan for my business but my credit its low and i have few unpaid accounts. Id like to know how can i increase my credit score to get a loan?

  11. Elijah luv

    Unsure how this happened. She received an e-mail earlier today with her eBay account ID in it. This evening when she tried to access eBay it had been hacked. We have now resolved this but the Yahoo Mail password has been changed. She runs her own business and this is her work e-mail so she needs to retain it.
    Hi, thanks for the advice – I am in the UK, how do I contact Yahoo?

  12. Willie

    Hi i am having samsung galaxy mini and i forgot my pattern and google account id and password and i cannot reset it also because there important things and i cannot reset google account also so now how to unlock my mobile!!!!!

  13. colingrillo

    i keep trying to play Disney pirates of the Caribbean online or Disney Toontown but after i download the icon, i open it and when i log in with the right account information it just keeps saying “cannot verify account ID”… and the technical support isn’t really helping. please someone help!! (my accont information is right also, i can log into Disney.com with it, i just cant log into the actual game with the icon)

  14. mendhak

    I’d be pulling my hair out, but I recently shaved my head, so I can’t.

    On iTunes, I tell it to make a new account. When it comes to the option of what paying type to choose (different credit card companies, and Paypal) I select Paypal, log in, put in my credit card numbers and address.. But why does it want me to do that? I already logged this information into Paypal before.

    But anyway, after confirming that I want to use that credit card with iTunes, Paypal redirects me back to the Apple online store. .. And I can’t continue my account creation in the iTunes window. I click ‘Continue’ and it just brings me back to paypal. I log into paypal, it asks me to enter another credit card, I did it again with the same card, it worked.. It redirects me to the apple store again.

    I can’t make an account. I can’t log in. I don’t have an account ID for apple or iTunes. I just don’t know what to do.

    I’m afraid to call for support because I live in a pretty poor family, I don’t want to pay for big phone bills for such a silly problem.
    Paypal is already authorized with iTunes.. I don’t get it..

  15. joevsyou

    I have just noticed that my email account has my dad as the primary account ID, as I have not lived in my fathers house for the past 6 years or so I don’t think that is necessary. Does anyone know how to change it to my email?

  16. Roflcopter

    I had Netflix on my PS3 but my account with them expired. My dad has his own account with Netflix, but the PS3 won’t let him sign in with his account, it says his account ID or password is incorrect (we double-checked it wasn’t). Is this because the Netflix and PS3 accounts or different? Can we get around this?

  17. Xedo

    I feel a little scared now as these are all sex chats with random people and this person has used my name, I have not given my account id and password to anyone. I am really worried and this is not causing trouble in my relationship. My partner found these and that’s the first time I saw them. Is there anything I can do to find out how this happened? I have change my password already.
    *this is causing trouble in my relationship
    That’s not it, this was an actual conversation you know? No links or anything.


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