8 thoughts on “Mahjong Trails Cheats and Hack v.1.03

  1. happyha31

    Hey guys, I am looking to buy a mahjong set with chinese (not western) characters in Melbourne. I intend for it to be a Christmas present. Any ideas where to look? I have checked all the games stores but they only stock tacky plastic ones. Thank you

  2. Peter

    I won a Japanese Mahjong set from a UFO catcher in, of course, Japan. And now I want to learn Japanese Mahjong to use the set, but I can’t find a decent tutorial anywhere!!

    Can anybody help?

  3. xiM Clutch

    im addicted but i dont really know whats so fascinating about that game. i just cant stop. Is anyone experiencing the same? is there some rational explanation what makes mahjong so addicting?

  4. Lucas H

    I went to play mahjong solitaire last night and it was gone. The whole Icon spot is not there. Is it gone for good or will it be coming back. I love that game and I’ve been playing it for years.

  5. John G

    According to Lindo Jong of the Joy Luck Club, Jewish mahjong is full of mistake. Everyone watching each other grab pieces, that is Jewish Mahjong. Idk if i should trust her, shes a bit of a betch.

  6. Cole

    I have the mahjong set in real life and want to play mahjong solitaire, the only problem is I can’t seem to find any info on how to set it up! Can anyone help me? I really would like to play with my mahjong pieces T-T

  7. Johnky J

    i have been playing mahjong at the yahoo game site, for the past 2 days i have received a notice that i am being barred from playing tonite and last nite too. why is that. am i doing something wrong. please let met know because i enjoy playing a lot.

  8. Wooooody

    Yes, it is a good question. Probably google will show you a few result about mahjong games. But many result is not online and playable. You need to download and install them. But i don’t want to download that setups. I want to play now. Please tell me a best mahjong game site.


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