KingsRoad Cheats

KingsRoad Cheats

We have the first ever KingsRoad fly hack released earlier today. Check out the screenshots below, you can see the KingsRoad cheat in action allowing you to fly all over the map and chase the new no deposit online casinos enemy down for the kill. The KingsRoad fly hack also allows you to no clip through walls, the ground, terrain, etc. Want the best KingsRoad Hack with the most features never seen anywhere else? The KingsRoad fly hack allows you to access any part of the map, you can land, stop, hover or keep flying, where you want the bot to Auto pill as your HP goes down, say you set it to 50% the bot will Use as much Mp pot to bring it back to 100%

Features: Auto Hunter {This is a pixel search bot, select the color of the monster then select run and don’t touch the mouse, you will see the cursor searching for monster and when it know the color of the mobs it will click} Auto Loot {Picks up Items as the bot kills Mobs} Auto Accept/Deny Party Invitaions Auto Feed Pran Auto Loot botting {Runs the bot over and over again} Auto summon Mount

KingsRoad Hack Description:

Farming: • Move items to bank • Open boxes automatically • Sell items automatically • Teleport to boxes

  • TriggerBot :
    • TriggerBot (Off, On)
    • TriggerStyle (Instanthit)
  • Protection :
    • Threat Warning (Off, On)
  • KeyBinder :
    • KeyBinds (OnPress, OnRelease)
    • HotKey Support
  • Profile System :
    • Profiles can be saved/loaded
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) :
    • Configuration Window with tab menus

      • Auto target (with auto tab xD)
      • Attack mob
      • Change delay time of skill
      • Enable buff or disable buff skill ( have 3 buff skill)
      • Auto heal
      • Multi account. 1 bot for 1 account( select character on drop menu)
      • Save your config (ini file)

download btn 01 hover Gardens of Time Cheats

5 thoughts on “KingsRoad Cheats

  1. toast

    Like for example if some guy is botting and he gets reported what would happen? Like will ONLY his account get banned? What else might happen?

    I’m not trying to get in trouble or cause any trouble or anything really. So yeah what happens?

  2. Franklin Bluth

    If you get banned for botting in runescape, does Jagex ban your ip address so that you can never play runescape again on that computer?

  3. Cliffy N

    i dont see what the big deal is because the people that do use bots will be banned eventually from botting and the cheaters will be gone and why do we care about other people who cares about them we only need to worry about ourselves?

  4. Matthew David

    I am botting at flesh crawlers, so if you could find me the codes for fire rune, grimy rannar, grimy irit, and any the herb you know that’s good. Nobody say don’t bot because that will NEVER HAPPEN! :D first good answer with item codes that work gets 10pts.

  5. Taylor2k

    I was permanently banned for botting during the may ban wave. Now that the program i use (Glider) is under dmca violation and restrictions it is no longer available for use. Is there any legal methods i can use involving this to help secure this lost account?

    I have also read that after more than a year all permanently banned accounts can be brought up for a repeal of the ban. Is this true? If it is, are people succesful?


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