How to download

How to download

I’ve been receiving many emails on how to download our hacks, in order new no deposit online casinos for you to download you MUST: 1. Click on the Download Link.

2. Now you should be on the Download page. Click on Regular Download. A Window with 5 different Surveys will pop up.

3. Choose a Survey, and fill it out. Most time it is a Survey where you just have to enter some information (make it look valid or the file won’t unlock). Some countries only have Mobile/Cellphone surveys. You can fill them out by just typing your number and receiving the SMS with your Code to end the Survey. (you won’t get charged money, it is FREE!)

4. After you have filled out the survey your download should unlock if you have entered valid information. If not, try it again with another survey.

The surveys are free and only take a couple of minutes, so either download it or don’t.

Thats it! File Downloaded!

All files are verified and are 100% clean. Remember to use at your own risk. Happy Hacking!

357 thoughts on “How to download

  1. Annette Cutter

    Does anyone know where I can get a sample page of an introduction(condensing an entire story into a few pages) in other words, briefing it? I am working on a project, already have the story but I need to get ideas onhow to put everything in a overview where the basics of the story can be told in just a few pages. PLEASE. ANYONE!! THANKS>

  2. Patsy Herring

    I want to download music videos and stuff like that but I dont want to download any special software to do it. My computer is already stuffing up so I am borrowing someone elseslaptop, but i dont want to download any specil software on it. PLease help, I really want to download videos to play on my ipod touch. May I remind you this is somebody elses computer and not mine. My other computer is stuffed up from downloading so many songs. I dont want to download any software.

  3. Muzahid

    I downloaded WinRar, but all the mods I try to download give me warning messages in my browser of potential malware, where canI get safe mods and what is easiest way to download the mod? If I download the mod, will all my games have that mod in them? Thanks for your help.

  4. Brody S

    Steps for downloading a movie file from internet to usb stick. Do I need to download a torrent file before downloading the movie file.

  5. Alina Elliott

    Im trying to download a star trek episode from youtube with realplayer, but when i try to, it downloads something that is like 1.6 mbs, i think it is the ad that is played before the episode starts.

    Any help on how to download the MOVIE not the ad? I wait till the ad has played and the movie is going before I click the download button

  6. happyha31

    I want to download only part of the file, but it downloads all of it. Before I upgraded the application, it would just ask me before downloading, but now it doesn’t, what do i do?

  7. ConfusionnaJob

    For example when I download some SpongeBob to say, and the file is 48 mb the download starts says is completed, but only 20 mb are downloaded leading to a corrupt file

    this happens with various files, sometimes they do get fully downloaded other times only a small portion only gets downloaded.

    I have tried using a download manager and the same thing happens.

    What is the cause & how can i fix it. Any relevant sentences would be mucho aprecientioz Thank You

  8. Cliffy N

    I want to quickly download all of the videos under a channel for google chrome. Is there a quicker way then downloading each one, one by one?

  9. whites are not the only racists

    I want download all my email to outlook; but I have some of it seperated into folders. Outlook only downloads from my inbox. How do I tell outlook to download my folders as well?

  10. United

    How to download songs and save it on the iPhone music library from iPhone. I don’t like syncing iPhone every time I download music

  11. sick_mick_101

    Is watching a video song or movie is same as downloading? I dont see any downloading option in website?Please suggest good websites for downloading old/new hindi video songs/movie? How much time it takes to download 3 hours movie if I start at 5am ?

  12. Caltel T

    I want to download youtube videos from mobile. Now don’t suggest me to download videos to pc and then transfer it to mobile phone. I want to download it to the mobile from the mobile. Any softwares I need to install in my Mobile?

  13. Dom L

    I have a premium filesonic account but i am unable to download the files with High speed…Whenever i try to download any file…..It downloads the file with normal download speed without any speed acceleration.

  14. Mc L

    I want to download a BIG file from a site, but I want to do it partly overnight so that I can get it done faster. I don’t want my computer on the whole night though. Is there anyway to make the download stop at a specified time and then turn off the computer automatically with free download manager? If not, is their any other program that can do this?

  15. rashest_hippo

    I want to make it that as soon as one download is finished, the second one starts and when that’s finished the third one starts, etc. I don’t want it to all download together. The name of the software is “Free download Manager”

  16. Scott Bull

    I want to download the walt disney world font. Can you tell me how to download it free and legally?

  17. Smashing Pumpkins

    My friend purchased the sims 3 world adventures on the Sims 3 store online and downloaded the game to his computer, I want to download it to my computer but i cant find where to download already purchased games on the site? Can anyone tell me where to find the link to download the site? Also I have heard something about utorrent? Is that a safe site to download from?

  18. cardskid22

    I want to download a harry potter audiobook onto my ipod. I have all the videos on youtube in a playlist but can’t download them. I know how to download a single video but it will not let me download a whole playlist. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

  19. Michael

    im writing a script to download a file using php and curl. but downloading is just too slow, i want to open multiple connections to the server and download the file (hence accelerate the download). how can i do this ?

  20. diggn4richez

    I need to download a few newer movies, such as Letters to Juliet. What site is the best to download newer and older movies for free?

  21. Patrick

    I would like to download the images in several Yahoo Groups. What and where can I download the software to download all the images in one stretch without clicking on each of the images to save it.

  22. Willie

    I know how to download YouTube videos with the YouTube download programs, but there is a site that has free cool music videos that I would like to download. Problem is, they don’t give any download option (only embed) and the player they are using is an Adobe Flash Player 10. How can I download these videos to my PC?

  23. Random

    When I download files from my email or the internet they automatically go to documents. How can I change them to download to the desktop?

  24. Duke

    Where can I download free music to my computer? Limewire, Bearshare, Frostwire, and Shareaza are all out of the question. If there is anyway I can download strait from online to a folder on my computer desktop? Thank you very much.

  25. evil chevy

    Every time i download a warcraft 3 map it doesn’t show up when i go into my games and click the downloads.

  26. mal_functiongeo

    For example, I’m download episodes of Bleach right now and one of them is downloading at 369 kps while the rest are anywhere from 39 kps to 71 kps? Is there a way to make them all download at 369 kps? I’m getting them all from the same site.


    I need to download some music to my computer but I don’t know how.

    Also, does anyone know any good websites where downloading is easy?

  28. Gundown64

    I want to download episodes straight onto my iPod. Know any good websites you’ve downloaded shows from ?

  29. jordenkotor

    I have uploaded many youtube videos and I also have downloaded many youtube videos. When I upload a video to youtube, it’s quality gets compressed. Even if you press the HQ button and view the video, it is not as much quality as my original file.

    So the same happens for all the uploaded video right? So, is there any way in which I can download other videos in original high quality?

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Boo Cookie

    Is watching a video song or movie is same as downloading? I dont see any downloading option in website?Please suggest good websites for downloading old/new hindi video songs/movie? How much time it takes to download 3 hours movie if I start at 5am ?

  31. Rishabh Bajpai

    When I download files through internet explorer it preserves the Japanese filenames but when I use a download manager it messes up the names and puts in meaningless characters instead. How can I preserve the filenames when downloading through a download manager?

  32. Jeff

    Everytime I go to download the file, only 128kb’s downloads. Not the actual file. Do I need a program to do this?

  33. MexicanDude

    I have tried numerous download managers, especially the ones indicating that they can restore broken downloads but none of them seem to work. They download until u loose internet connection and the further download cannot be restored and you have to start over again. Does such a program even exist?

  34. ibjammin44

    I downloaded the game to my computer and know i cant get it to download to my phone, I used my desktop manager but i don’t know where to download it to. Please help.

  35. mike s

    I want to download the song Cascada What hurts the most to my computer to transfer to my phone. Please give me a link to download it, or a site that allows to download songs.

  36. BRUTE

    OK, so now I know how to download lots from the modthesims website, as I have downloaded two already. But some of the stuff I really want are package files and I have no clue how to download those. I am still rather new to this, so please provide your best answer.

  37. skychi99

    Every time I go onto youtube, download helper tries to download web pages and when i cancel it the page won’t load. I was wondering if there was a way i could stop it from doing that without uninstalling the plug-in.

  38. therundown2k3

    I want to download the latest minecraft snapshot, I downloaded it, but how do I get my minecraft to update after that?

  39. Sahil

    So my point is… It is illegal to download songs and movies online. But we are still paying for our download limit monthly. And if we don’t download, than no one would buy 150GB a month (like we do). Point is we are still paying for something and if every person downloading something will be fined, than soon nobody would buy any more download limit. And internet companies will fail. So is this reasonable?

  40. kass9191

    Im downloading a mmorpg game and it downloads fine but sometimes my internet disconnects for a few seconds and comes back and when it does the download pauses and doesnt download any further. What do i do now for it to keep downloading?

  41. Mathew

    The download speed is on average 12.7 kb/s and my internet speed is 11 mbps, how can i increase the download speed of the game? What are my options?

  42. turg143

    i want to download android apps to my pc from android market for my android device. any possibility? i don’t want to download using my android device.

  43. ericmreitz

    Just wondering how can I download music onto Itunes without having to use the youtube mp3 converter. It takes too long because you have to download one song at a time.

  44. Nathan B

    I asked a question about the download amount of games from steam a few days ago. I was just wondering for a game with a download of 4.3 gigs (Star Wars Battlefront II) will it just activate a download for 4.3 gigs or will I get a 200 meg download here and an 800 there or whatever?

  45. Balla

    I have never used torrent download. So, i want to get an idea about how fast the download speed is compare to the speed of download managers like orbit downloader.

  46. Arminator

    When I download Xvid for windows to run videos on quiktime that require quiktime to have Xvid it doesnt do anything. After I downloaded it I clicked play and it still says you need to download Xvid. I dont get it what do i do?

  47. Mark

    I’m trying to download Call of Duty 5 for my laptop, and I have no idea. I’ve opened the file and download it to a folder, although the download on Vuze isn’t finished. Please I need help!

  48. Jeffery Carlson

    i downloaded most of the movies from pirated bay but some of them are too slow about 1kb per sec and i am using *xunlei* a taiwan’s software for downloading* so, which software is fastest to download from pirated bay?

  49. thinkthought

    I have Download Accelerator Plus but i dont feel its fast enough. I have unlimited plan in broadband. So my download speed doesnt cross 40kbps. Any other download accelerators which could make the downlaod faster?

  50. Cupcakerum

    From downloading the app to install it, how to download it, where to download them from, etc.

    I have a Mac, too btw.

  51. JDOGG1122

    Normally, when downloading a big file from internet, it takes a long time. Is there any way to download it faster?

  52. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    I just purchased a Samsung Jack smart phone and would like to add Yahoo Msg, would it be like a regular download from the computer? or must i do some fancy foot work?

  53. gail C

    I torrent a lot and I don’t want to slow down my roommates’ internet, so I usually try to run torrents when they’re not on the computer. This isn’t really an option with my roommates this year. They’re on the computer constantly, either doing important stuff that I don’t want to disrupt or watching streams on Netflix, which needs a decent internet speed. A lot of people leave their torrents overnight, but middle of the night is a pretty popular time for my roommates to be online.

    So what’s a good place to set my download limit so that my torrenting doesn’t create a problem for them? Should it be a certain percentage/ratio of my regular download speed? If so, around what ratio is reasonable? (Yeah, I know there’s no concrete answer, but just give me a rough idea.)

  54. timq3dimensionscom

    I just want the original game, no expansions, as a torrent file (or a regular game download) for free, but I need it to be a fast download, but for it to still be the full original game.

  55. Boo Cookie

    im getting an ipod for christmas, but the only problem is i dont wanna get one then be disapointed that i can only download music from itunes for it!!! do i need itunes or can i used my regular download program?

  56. Scott Bull

    I know that macs apparently can’t get viruses. but i still do not want to risk it. my friend who has a the regular macbook downloaded the free version of frostwire (which is similar to limewire) but her computer crashed from it. Any advice?

  57. Jason

    I’m downloading maplestory now with the manual patch, not with the maplestory downloader. How long does it take to download maplestory manually? Also, if you go to sleep mode, or ur screen saver shows up or anything like that, would that interrupt the manual download?

  58. Ryan Dunn

    Don’t tell me youtube, saiyanisland, google videos. Can you tell me a website that I can download regular naruto episodes not shippuden.And the episodes are english or japanese with subtitles and the video does not lag?

  59. Lucas H

    It could be MP3′s or regular downloads. I just need to record something for the holidays as a gift to my friends. First great answer get the rewards. guaranteed! Thanks in advance!

  60. Seth

    Usually whenever i try to download something from the playstation store and put it on download in background the download freezes. Usually at around 50 %. This doesnt happen as often on regular download. If you experience this please tell how you can fix it.

  61. Dr Hank

    I need a link or something to download videos to my tablet 10.1 , I tried a lot of stuff but it didn’t work.

  62. kamikami

    Ok I recently bought World of Warcraft and I have not installed it yet but i have the trial already downloaded does it do the same thing?

  63. Stevalicious

    the site megaupload has a download limit. but i don’t get the number. so, can anyone explain this to me? Thank you.

  64. colingrillo

    I have got tired of downloading at only one port in IDM in regular downloads from rapidshare and hotfiles and megauploads.Please anyone tell me any true and correct way to download files from rapidshares or any hacks to this? Thanks in advance. I will be truely undebted.

  65. Orbit

    This happens with videos, mp3′s and just regular downloads. They end/reach 100% and the data just keeps streaming. Eats up my limited monthly data allowance.

  66. Erin

    I’m a big fan of the programs specifically written to get the job done without using a ton of RAM or having high processor demand. I’m not looking for any certain catagory of software, just a good place to get software like this. Please don’t bother listing all the regular software download site full of freeware and shareware. I’m looking for a site just for this type of software.

  67. Mark

    The question pretty much says it all. You guys know when you want to go somewhere and it says to either ‘download background’ or just plain ‘download’? Well, what’s the difference? Thanks :)

  68. mike s

    I know that there is a small upload (20 kB per second) but the download is at 90 kB per second. How does it affect my brother’s Xbox Live (given that my standard download speed is 1 MB, which is where he would normally be incapable of gaming).

  69. Con Orpe

    i want a working serial for BFBC 2 when the serial is asked for online play it says that serial is invalid. I went to but the regular download wont happen due to survey crap. plz help i want to play the game onl9 and alos will i have to enter the keygen when i install or aftr running play online mode???

  70. Clayton Cottrell

    I’m trying to download a file (700 MB), and usually in torrents it takes around 1-2 minutes at max to download. But this file’s link all has this premium download thing where it downloads the file in like 20 seconds, and in regular download it takes 4 hours! I tried to download that file but it just took overly too long and I began to hear complaints from my sister for the internet being slow.

    Is there any way to somehow get around the problem of downloading speed limit for regular downloads and make it normal? Usually I get like 1 MB/sec download speed, but with this regular download option, it’s only 47.8 KB/sec.

  71. easton j

    So i just downloaded an TV episode from iTunes, i didn’t want to download both so i just picked the HD one to download and deleted the regular download. Unfortunately, my Ipod touch that i got a year and half ago can not run HD so its just in my library, and i can’t get it on my ipod. Is there a way I can get the original download back without having to repurchase it?

  72. uberfailz

    I found a couple downloads, but they are all torents, I do have Vuze, but I wanna have this song on my itunes, so I need a regular download, that’s free and wont catch vriuses onto my computer. thanx for your help :D

  73. tjpimpin

    I would like to know what is better in Rogers for Regular downloading of movies, music and such (torrents and direct), E-Sylvan Tutorials, Medium web browsing, online gaming, Windows live messenger (typing, voice chat and video chat.), and more. What would be best for my needs,

    Ultra-Lite(500kbps) , Lite(1mbps) , Express(7mbps) , Extreme(10mbps) , Extreme plus (18mbps)

    I want something affordable and right for my needs

  74. Patrick

    I hate the “provided by Yahoo!” part of this. I can’t download the regular Internet Explorer 8 because it says I have a newer version of IE. If I delete the whole IE off my computer, I would need a way to get on the internet to download it right?

  75. MexicanDude

    I check my internet but is no that every time i try to download a file i enter the codes and hit regular download but it just keeps loading. I had this problem sice two days ago. if you how can i fix this please tell me?

  76. borabora5524

    Difference between downloading podcast and regular downloads/ streaming (advantages)? In outlook, I see three folders for RSS feeds. What’s this, again?

  77. Eric

    So why? All ftp downloads download way faster with my download manager. For example if I download stuff with fire fox from some sites I get like 30-40 kbs… But when i start the same downloads with flash get I download things several times faster. Why the heck is that?

  78. opurt

    I wanna download something in the website : , but I don’t know why , I can’t . Can you tell me , how i download something there ? When i click ”regular download” appears other window saying : ‘Your Download is now Available

    We are waiting for you to complete one offer from the list below that interests you, which will open in a new tab. If the offer does not unlock after a minute or two, Please come back and choose a different one. Win an Iphone 5”’ and other things like ”win an Iphone5” , and then i click in one of this things and opens other window saying”Campaign is not permitted.” . How can i download something in this website guys?? I really need download there please …

  79. Praveen

    I’m a big fan of the programs specifically written to get the job done without using a ton of RAM or having high processor demand. I’m not looking for any certain catagory of software, just a good place to get software like this, or any specific programs like that if you know of any. Please don’t bother listing all the regular software download site full of freeware and shareware. I’m looking for a site just for this type of software.

  80. nothin_nyce1

    I know there is places, but they are all torrents. Is there any regular downloads for the full version od Call of Duty 4…

    …for FREE?

  81. friendly 4

    I’m using my laptop in public wi-fi and sites like megaupload and fileshare are ALL blocked. It must be a regular direct download. Torrents are out of the question.

    Just need the latest 5 episodes or so, please?

  82. Peter

    I already know of a bunch of websites to watch movies and tv shows but all the csi’s have weird annoying asian stuff all over the screen. Know of just a regular csi download site?

  83. ttocs

    I’ve been using this awesome program/plug-in for my Chrome browser for a very long time and I’ve never had any real problems with it until now. It’s completely disappeared from the Youtube page. It happened when the “new look” for Youtube came out, so I figure it’s just Youtube has found a way to block it (which REALLY sucks if that’s the case) but I thought I’d ask just in case it was a problem on my end.

    Basically there are two buttons that appear above the Youtube video that I’m watching, one is an option for regular download, one for HD download. Those buttons have completely vanished and I’m not sure how to put them back into my browser, if it’s even possible.

    If anyone has any advice, please share! Thanks.

  84. Harry

    i hate getting stuff as torrents, they take to long. I just want a regular download, like a rar or zip. So does anyone know a site where i can get iso’s that arent torrents?

    Oh and one more thing: When i get the iso and after i burn it to a cd, can i play it on the ps2 emulator or will it only work on the actual ps2? If anyone can explain in detail they will get a fresh 10 point

  85. Agent 47

    when i download something to my pc like a program,picture it usually shows me in a little box what i downloaded but sometimes when i download videos it doesnt first answer gets best

  86. therundown2k3

    My regular download speed is 300 KB/s but when I first start out downloading I get over 900mb/s but then it starts to decline back to my regular speed. Why does it do that?

  87. mavis24

    I recently started writing these poem/songs, and I don’t want anyone to read them so I need a journal/diary on the computer. Just a regular free download without viruses. Do you know of any for me to use? Thank You

  88. Samuro

    Something is messed up with my computer and my router. The ports are messed up. Each time I try to download a torrent through ANY torrent client, my internet freezes up. This didn’t happen in Windows XP. But I have Vista Ultimate and now I have this problem. Is there any way I can download a torrent as a regular download?

  89. Caltel T

    Now i am using Panda Internet Security but the problem is still there. I am having problem downloading torrents(the file that starts the downloads) but not with regular downloads. Any suggestions guys? My internet connection is reliable and i am using it for years. (512kb= 64KB) All the browsers are having the same problem…………Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer.

  90. The Dark Knight

    I cannot download from megaupload ’cause that song appears everytime I click on Regular Download and when I try to watch something on megavideo, the little green play thingy doesn’t appear? Can some one tell me how can I at least download from megaupload ???

  91. Taylor G

    I want to watch some videos that someone posted in the middle of these threads:

    Using the regular download option, I was successfully able to download the file to these videos. However, when attempting to watch the videos, hotfile asked me to select an application to use.

    The problem is, I don’t know what to use. What application would work for watching videos on hotfile. If it helps, I have the newest 13″ macbookpro.

  92. ConfusionnaJob

    i tweaked it i did everything it just ends up 1kb/s and my regular download speed is 120kb/s HELP!

  93. blarg blarg

    My sims game stopped working. Whenever I try to play it it always says that there is no disc, I tried it on my ambitions and regular. I downloaded my cousin’s outdoor living stuff and used the ambitions disc but than I deleted it because I thought my computer didn’t have enough memory. So what do I do?! I want to keep my games and the disc is not scratched. So who do I contact or what do I do

  94. Echo

    I made a movie on my Camcorder. I was wondering how I can edit it on my computer. (Upload then edit). I wanna know a we I can do if for free, no registration required. Just a regular Download. Thank You.

  95. kass9191

    Where can I download a zip file of flyff?? I can’t spend 4 hours for the regular download and I’m sure other people don’t either.

  96. Jonny

    I try to download it from, but adobe’s “Akami download manager” was too slow than my regular download speed . can anyone tell me where can i download it at regular download speed?

  97. Jose B

    On the website,, there are two options when downloading clothes: download mesh and just a regular download. I clicked download mesh and it didn’t show up in my game. So do I click the regular download, or will it not work all together? Thanks!!!

  98. sam N

    I would like to watch bleach. So can someone please give me a link where I can download EVERY Bleach Episode in English? Torrent is great, but just regular download is fine. Thank you very much.

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