Clash of Clans Cheats

Clash of Clans Cheats

Clash of Clans Hack Features:

    • Intelligent Autochain – Executes chains as quickly as possible resulting in a overall DPS boost
    • Minimap Radar – Shows all players and objects on the Minimap
    • No Animation – Skip waiting for spell animations to finish before casting again
    • No Gravity – Walk or run in the air without using up your flight time
    • Glide Hack – Fly upwards or downwards while gliding
    • Re-Rez Timer Hack – Removes the release timer, perfect while being camped with a rez stone
    • Clearview – See through walls, textures and objects
    • PotBot – Automatically drink potions or use spells at hitpoint percentages
    • Multi-Client – Able to run mutiple clients
    • Keybot – Send keystrokes when conditions are met

Gold and Elixer Generator Features:

      • Easy and Simple UI
      • Advanced Waypoint System – Easily create paths for grinding, resource gathering, travel, and death
      • Fast and efficient gathering system
      • Smart AI with Antistuck, Auto Stuck Detection, Logout, Skipping looting upon full inventory
      • Blacklist NPCs
      • Full Background Mode – Browse the Web, play a a game, or watch a movie while you bot
      • Aggro Detection – Detects if you are attacked and handles adds
      • Automates repeatable coin quests
      • Auto Log Off in the case of a GM teleport
      • Automatically stop botting if being followed by players
      • Recovery System – Buff, Heal, Rest, Use Bandages & Potions
      • Compatible on Infinite Clash of Clans
      • Compatible on other Private Servers
      • Works with Every Class

'okClash of Clans Hack works incredibly well on any of the operating systems available in the market like Windows, Linux etc.
'okOur hack can be used worldwide as it is a globally working program.
'okUse the Aimbot feature of our hack to enhance your shooting skills.
'okClash of Clans Hack is also designed keeping in mind various web browsers in use these days like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari etc.
'okTo train troops and upgrade the construction in order to safeguard your village, the player needs Gold and Elixir. Once you download our hack, you can easily generate limitless amount of Gold and Elixir, all for free.
'okClash of Clans Hack is also designed to be completely hassle- free program. This is ensured by making sure that your name doesn’t get listed in the anti-hack program results. So, now, you need not be afraid of getting banned from your much loved game.
'okClash of Clans Hack can auto update itself so you need not worry about getting it updated every now and then to be in the frontline of the game.

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39 thoughts on “Clash of Clans Cheats

  1. Marcie Carew

    im tired of clicking on links that claim that the download has no survey attached to it. these surveys are driving me crazy! every survey i take wont say complete until i take another survey, then another and another. its one bunny trail after another with no end. if you cant find a download with absolutely no surveys than i would appreciate it if you didnt answer. im tired of wasting my time on a silly game.

  2. Alejandra Fleishman

    I want to get the hack tool for clash of clans but whenever I try I always have to do a damned survey. Can anyone send me it by email or a link w/ no viruses or surveys that’ll work?

  3. Hayden

    I’m super PO’d because every time I go to attack someone, I almost never win by a lot. It would be nice if someone could tell me a good offense, because I’m desperate. I have up to wizards. Please help!

  4. Adam

    Is there a hack/cheat avaliable now for clash of clans? Please help!! Preferably something where i dont need to complete a survey.. Theyre impossible to finish.

  5. nick s

    anyone know a way to get free gems in clash of clans game. I play it for iphone and ipad and have been looking everywhere for a clash of clans gems cheats or anyway to get clash of clans free gems without having to pay real cash. Im stuck in the game and really need free gems, ive looking for clash of clans cheat codes too but couldnt find any. Anyone kno if there is a glitch or cheat to get free gems on clash of clans. Thanks

  6. evangldbrg

    I have been looking around and I have not found any legitimate links, so if you could please link any file downloads you may have found it would be greatly appreciated! Also make sure the links are for mac downloads!

  7. Gundown64

    I got the game and i really need the cheat i know its kinda noobish but and if u got hack just tell me. . Thx alot

  8. Roflcopter

    Because I’ve looked at all these sites and is it possible I can have one WITHOUT a survey and With NO Jailbreak as well, because what’s been happening is I’ll end up having to fill out a stupid survey for it n when I’m done, it won’t even bring me the fricken cheat and it’s REALLY pissing me off, because There’s stuff I need to catch up on in the ‘Clash of clans’ game and I can’t cuz I’m ALWAYS stuck on 0 or 1 gems, and if there’s ANY other good tips anyone knows for Clash of Clans PLEASE comment as well!!!! PLEASE I NEED Answers, Thanks!!! :(

  9. mavis24

    Ok, so i play clash of clans on my iPhone. i want unlimited gems and money and what not and every download you either have to pay for a premium account or do surveys for free credits to download this hacking client. but the thing is, when you put in your phone number, it says that it will be about $40 a month! at this point i would rather just buy the gems. So i was wondering if there was a COMPLETELY FREE download. so if you post a link, please only completely free downloads. thanks everyone, any help is greatly appreciated!

  10. SKATEskum

    I want to hack clash of clans unlimited gems but every time I want to download one i have have to complete some stupid survey. Does any1 know a website without having to complete a survey.

  11. David

    I want to get started on doing animations of oilfield tools in the computer. What is the best software available in the market: Blender, Solidworks, anything else? What´s the advantages of one over another?

  12. apleaforbrandon

    Im interested in making flash animations but i cant find a program that is free. Do you guys have any ideas?

    Easy ten points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Harriet W

    I love this game. Is there available clash of clans cheats or clash of clans hack available cheat for download?
    Clash of Clans trainer
    Clash of Clans tricher
    Clash of Clans astuces

  14. Christopher J

    Are there any cheats/hacks available now for clash of clans? I have seen a tool people used a couple months ago but i couldnt find the download link.. Can anybody help?!
    can anybody find a download link where you dont have to complete a survey? They surveys are not possible to finish

  15. whitesoxfan2347

    can anyone help me with a clash of clans cheats for iphone or ipad. ive been playing this game for a while and i really need a clash of clans hacks for free gems, coins, and elixir. Im stuck and cant level up and i have been looking everywhere for a clash of clans cheats program that actually works. I need something that is no surveys and the clash of clans hack has to work without a jailbreak. So far everything i find doesnt work, plz anyone with a working cheats or hacks for clash of clans plz leave link here

  16. Alex

    List out the advantages.
    Discuss the disadvantages/limitations in using animations to the understanding of science.

  17. _marky_mark_

    Does anyone know a way I can download or do something that means I get unlimited free gems for clash of clans, also if I could be able to do it on my iPod without jailbreaking it and without having to answer any surveys…thanks! :)

  18. Oilers

    I just got evasi0n and cydia, my friend told me to add source “LocallAPStore” and just to go to buy treasure, buy chest of gems, and hit buy when it said you wana do it and hit cancel when it asks you to login.i never got the gems. Help?

  19. MAK & CHEESE

    I want to be able to use one of the hacking sites but don’t want to take a survey. Is there another way?

  20. forahobby

    In school were starting animations and since I dont have a mac I can’t use Imovie like in school. Does anyone know any good free programs for animation and movies and audio?

  21. Ryan Z

    help anyone with a Clash of clans hack of clans hack could you please use it on me. My username is demon1121998$ pleas help all I really need is the unlimited gems please


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